Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brayden and Daddy

Daddy had the day off of work today. Thursday seems to be his weekend. So the boys packed up to drive 45 minutes to the pharmacy and drop off Jeremiah's new percriptions...and then they went to the mall. And the playland.

The playland that Brayden loves! He does a super speedy crawl through the maze of climbing, sliding play places, zips down the slides holding a helping and hand and crawls through the tunnels just to sit on the other side and laugh.

Next came lunch and naps. Then Daddy took Brayden to get his hair cut (a good one this time) and they met Mamma at work with a pizza. Now they are on their way home for a bath.

What a good day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss things about Montana. Over this past weekend they were:

Big R (it was literally across the street, and when we needed ANYTHING they had it for a reasonable price).

Walt (he can, and frequently did, fix anything).

My couch (right after work I would come home, flop down, and take a good 45 minute nap if I felt like it. Who wouldn't like that?).

Saturday night, I was talking on the phone to Kayla (another "thing" I miss in Montana)and congratulating her on her incredible daughter. Her incredible daughter who pooped on the potty for the first time on her first birthday on Saturday!

We should have known...The evening started at poopy and only when down from there. After I deleted my new blog (I tell you about that later) I gave up on my techinical endeavor and went upstairs to paint the living room. While I was doing that, Jeremiah walked by and I said "Gee honey, the dishwasher sounds funny." He was bent on a task and continued on by with a simple "It's probably fine". I became bent on my own task and promptly forgot about it until he came running up the stairs.


When he walked into the laundry room, enough water, soap and food particles were leaking through the ceiling tiles and covering the kitty fountian, dog kennel, washer, dryer and various sundries to send him flying. He was stuck at the gate so I dropped my paint brush and sloshed into the kitchen, water flying from my now soaked socks, to turn off the dishwasher and SAVE THE TABLE!

The dishwasher wouldn't turn off so I started my own hysterics..."GRAB A TOWEL GRAB A TOWEL!!" Jeremiah, finally freed from the safety gate, ran to the bathroom and came back with one white towel, and at this point, as though any towel would be spared, I sent him back to get a towel more appropraite in color (?), and many, many more towels. Thank goodness for the SHAM WOW! It saved the table from a never ending dishwater explosion!

Eventually, Jeremiah got the dishwasher stopped (he had to flip the circuit breaker and turn off the water before we could get that effer to stop) and we got the water cleaned up (the turkey baster will never be the same). There was hardly any damage and we were both glad we were home when it happened. And that my dad answered his phone and came down the next day to see what the problem was. And to tell us we would have to buy a new dishwasher.
Brayden thought that part was the best (he slept through the rest, thank goodness).

He got to help Daddy fix it.

He's a good little helper.

He even got the best present a kid could ask for... a giant box.


I have a new hero. Her name is Ree and she is the Pioneer Woman. Her blog is dedicated to photography (!), confessions about her life, and cooking and baking (my new hobby). Oh, yeah, and she lives on a ranch that has wild mustangs. I pretty much think she is the coolest thing, and that (like everyone else) we should be best freinds.

Her cooking blog inspires me to bake all kinds of crazy things, like...oh boy, I can't believe I am going to admit this...donuts. In my defense, Jeremiah had a morning at home and loves donuts. And well, I love him, and sometimes like to do nice things for him, okay?

Guess who else loves donuts? By the way, Jeremiah isn't cut out of the other picture because I don't like him. He is cut out because he asked me not to show his wild hair do in the picture. Here is the picture with him in it. The innocent have been disguised for their own protection.

Please don't hold the donut thing against me...I am sure there will be other things the Pioneer Woman inspires me to do. Another good example is to find good light for taking pictures. Don't just complain because you don't have it, but proactively search it out and make it happen. Here are not re-touched pictures of my favorite subject.

We also went outside because the SUN WAS SHINING! We made a snowman and went sledding through the pasture.
It turns out, we have a lot of wild life back in there...we knew about the pheasants, the rabbits, cardinals and the wild squirrel that drives Grizzly nuts.

(This is my end of the sled, which was origionally intended for Grizzly, but that's another story:)

and while we were tromping back there we found out about a fox and this:

I wonder if the Pioneer Woman has ever taken a picture of that?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Confident Kisser

Today, without any tricks from Mamma, Brayden walked on over to see what I was doing. What I was doing was helping him examine all of the screws underneath our table...apparently they were fascinating enough under the middle where I was sitting, that our little man had to see them too. So he walked on over. He didn't really get to see them though because I grabbed him to love him up and clap and laugh and smooch him. He saw my smooch coming though and puckered up, leaned in and kissed me right back. He even made a good smacking noise!

What a day! Walking and closed mouth, drooless kisses. I LOVE this stage!

Next up: Nose blowing!


Oh, and at this size, Brayden's clothes fit Peanut perfectly. Us humnans think it is pretty funny. Peanut doesn't really move much. But that's the kinda cat she is.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cute Overload

This mamma feels like me. "I love you tiny! I'm not ready for you to get big so fast!"

And her baby feels like mine... "Aw maaaaamma! I can't breathe!"
Check out You will love it (if you love animals!).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Boys

Brayden has a really good time with the boys.

Sometimes, he is thinking about the shenanegans they can create together...

Sometimes, he wants nothing more than to be JUST LIKE THEM.

They helped him learn to crawl, so they should help him walk on his own too!

He LOVES it!

He loves Unca John, too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

When you turn 90...

When you turn 90 in 2010, it means you were born in the Roaring 20's.

Albert, the Waldbillig family patraich is one such fella. And the Waldbillig clan is never short of a reason to party, let alone hid out from the coppa's and swill some moonshine (or party like its 1999). So Jeremiah, Brayden and I donned our zuit suit mafia gear and headed out to celebrate. Here are some photos.

Brayden is thinking "Emmy. What a Dame!"

It was a great bash and I think Grandpa had a pretty good time. If you can still blow out all of your candles on your 90th birthday cake, you must be doing pretty good.

Some photos are are courtesy of Uncle Dave (and he took a lot...there would be more here, but on a good day, it takes 15 minutes to upload pictures and on a bad day more than an hour. So there are a ton more pictures of the family, but I have already cleaned the bathroom, mopped two floors and beat a couple of worlds on Super Mario Brothers while posting get the idea...I am going to bed).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tickle Monster!

Today, Brayden and I were at home, playing on the floor. We chase and tickle him a lot, and today, he was the chase-er and tickl-er. I laid on the floor and he tackled and tickled my tummy and my knees and my ankles and my arms. He laughed his silly, goofy, toothy little laugh the whole time.

We laughed our heads off!

Funny picture

Peanut really likes Brayden's alpha mat too. Cant you tell? Ha!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A healthy week

This week was very healthy! We still went to the doctor though. It was time for a Well Baby check and some shots. And another referral to the ENT to see if Brayden needs his adenoids removed...and to see if he needs reflux medicine.

Fingers crossed that we don't need either! That way we can play in the snow longer!

Monday, February 1, 2010

First Steps!

Brayden took his first steps today!

He has been walking all over the place in the last few weeks, as long as he can hold on to our hand (he actually usually just holds one finger), and off we go. We put his little leather slippers on so he can keep his feet going in the right direction, and he seems to enjoy it.

This morning, I stood him up put part of his alpha mat in his hands, and he took off! Well, he took a few steps anyway, but it was awesome. He repeated it once and is saving the rest for when Daddy picks him up at daycare, later on tonight.

The last two weeks have been full of diarreah diapers, puke and strep throat (for everyone but Momma). The pediatrician said Brayden needed a new toothbrush (but I boiled it for 5 minutes and soaked it in hydrogen peroxide instead...he loves that thing!)

He has also really loved rocking on his horse,

sitting in his chair, playing with his shopping cart and the farm animals on the fridge. His Rangers jammies keep him "cool" at night.

My good freind Kim, Orson (two weeks younger than Brayden) and her husband Matt were hit head on in drunk driving wreck on their way to Arizona, the night before Orson's first birthday. Orson's car seat did beautifully, Kim is bruised (and proved her hard headedness by shattering her window with her head), and Matt just finished surgery for a broken pelvis and knee. They were also a long way from home when it happened. You can read more about it here, but please keep them in your prayers, as Matt has a long recovery ahead, and it will be a challenging time for them as a family.