Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One month birthday...already!

Happy One Month Birthday, Little Stinker!
Little Stinker who loves his front pack and falls asleep anytime we lay him on his tummy;
Little Stinker whose mamma can't figure out if he's sleepy (anytime I put him in his bassinet, his eyes pop open!);
Little Stinker who is so handsome, he is already melting hearts (mostly mine!).

Yesterday, the floors needed to be cleaned, so Brayden and I made bread for his daycare teachers (we usually only work on such a flour-y project together when the floor needs to be cleaned). And then, for the same reason, we let Grizzly upstairs. When he laid down to "give himself a bath" Brayden said "Oh YUCK!". Then he went in to his room, got all of his little buddies and laid them out for Griz. About that time Jack needed a diaper/wadrobe change, so we left these two alone. When I came back after a few suspiciously quiet minutes, Brayden had dug a washcloth out and was "washing" Grizzly's backside, so that he wouldn't have to lick himself anymore.

Brayden also thinks that the neighbor is Santa. He wears a red and white jacket and his snowmobile helmet when he snowblows out our driveway. Brayden stands in the window, waves, and says "Santa! Santa!"

See? Total heart melter!

Monday, December 20, 2010

"The most perfect second baby bear ever"

Hi, Merry Chirstmas!
Here are some quick pictures and stories from the last few weeks.
Here is our Christmas tree.
It was really fun to have Brayden actually help us decorate it this year,
and Jack was along for the ride as well.

Baby Jack loves to snuggle, and he is pretty good at it.

Jack thinks his big brother is pretty entertaining,
and looks around the room when he hears his voice.
Same colics!!

Brayden has come up with a lot of new words lately. He is in the developmental stage where he can bring in 5-10 new words per day. He also has picked up a few gestures, like when he pats the space next to him and asks if you will sit in the space next to him. It is pretty irrisitible. Just as it is when he says "happy!"

Brayden loves his little brother. He is a very big helper, especially when it comes to burping him and sharing some tummy time. Brayden very gently burps Jack and rubs his little back just like mamma does.

Jack has huge hands! and feet, too. I wish they measured those in percentiles. As it is, Jack is already in the 97th percentile for length and weight. He gained a pound since he was born! Brayden had his 24 month well baby check at the same time (I figured I was going to have to drag them to each other's appointments anyway, might as well knock them out at the same time!), and he is in about the 30th percentile for height and weight.

We have to keep him up for 20-30 minutes after he eats and give him a dose of mylecon for his little gas problem (you can hear him "toot" from three rooms away!), so he sleeps upright in his carseat quite a bit. Auntie Kathy made him a blanket with his great grandma's yarn, and his great, great grandma's pattern, and we keep that in his car seat so he is surrounded in comfort and love all night long (and then I don't feel so bad).

Brayden has a hard time sharing his daddy so these two snuggle whenever they get an uniterupted chance.

What I've learned so far...
-I am going to compare babies. I prayed we would have a girl, just so that I wouldn't compare my babies, leaving one to fall short. But I've learned it doesn't matter. My freind at work was right. No matter what, you are going to compare babies, because it's what you know. It doesn't mean one is better then the other or you love one more than the other. Its just a comparison of different habits, clothing sizes, colics, sleeping, burps and eye color and of what you know.
-I adore that new born baby stare, that captures you and takes you in, and you can't look away.
-It is just about the sweetest thing when you bring your baby home and he turns to find you when he hears your voice.
-When a new baby presses their sweet little cheek, soft little hair and little scalp against your cheek, it is a moment that I melt into.
-You can love a second baby as much as the first.