Monday, March 31, 2014

Miss Charlotte's Birthday

Here are some sweet photos of our baby girl's birthday.
We were surprised how quickly it came around.
It was like we were waiting for her to come and complete our family.

To shake us up, bring in some chaos and make our smiles a little wider,

our hearts a little fuller.  

This little princess has ruled our house with cries of anger and frustration
and bent our wills with her sweet little grin.

Her brothers adore her.

Her parents are wrapped around each little finger.

And it seems like everyone else is, too.  :)

Little Miss got a dolly (two dollies!) for her birthday.

And she LOVES them, like she was born to have  a dolly in her arms, along with her blankie 
at all times.  And of course, her thumb in her mouth.  :)

Here are some of my favorite pics of our littlest Love.

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