Friday, June 27, 2014


This spring, we raised two batches of baby chickens.  We had so much fun with them.  Brayden and I left sleeping Jack and Charlotte in the car to enjoy the cool weather while we RAN inside and picked out 4 Wellsummer babies and 3 white babies of some kind or other.  We dashed back out the car and when the younger two woke up, we surprised them.

Then we hand raised these little chickadees and they were so sweet.  We finally put them out in the barn one night and wahmmo.

4 were eaten in quick succession.

We found the culprit.  A giant, hungry raccoon.  After we re homed the hungry thief, we found five of her chicken food eating babies. 

We re homed them, too, right to the same spot.  Here is to hoping the chicken lovers found each other!

Then we enjoyed our time away from the (short season of) bugs!

Love her enthusiasm (for whatever her brothers are doing!).

Trying to break the shorts and black sock habit...