Friday, February 28, 2014

Brayden's 5th Birthday Party

Party at Grammie and Buppa's on the hill!

I know, let's make a train!

Here we go!

Okay, here goes some of us...

Phew, what a ride!  

Happy Birthday sweet baby.  We love you more than you can imagine.

Brayden's 5th Birthday

Brayden turned five this year.
He is in preschool and has a best friend. Together, apparently, they raise quite the ruckus.  Ironically, his best buddy's name is Jack.  :)  He has discovered a world outside our household and every day he asks for friends to come and play.  My shy boy is now a social butterfly.  He is a caring and sweet big brother, heart meltingly so.  He is a great helper in the kitchen, even getting to use a knife!  We know when he needs to spend time with just his parents because he gets a little bit naughty and wild and angry.  His sweetness is tempered with just a bit of flightiness, he loves adventure and saying prayers before dinner.  We are so grateful to get to be his parents and family.  :)

Opening some presents.

Making the cake.

Making his birthday present-the climbing wall.

Here is an example of his joy-flip through quickly to see him dancing: