Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big News!

Jack jack has been wanting to be like his big brother lately.  Meaning, he wants to use the potty.  Since he tells me when he poops (I poop!) or when he has to go (like when he is in the bathtub), I totally indulge him and set him on the potty.

Today, he went!  Wahoo for Jack Jack!!! What a big boy!  I don't know if he was more surprised by the going potty or the singing and dancing that Brayden, Daddy and I erupted into (Peepee in the Pot-teh!  Peepee in the Pot-teh! get the idea).  What a big guy!  Pictures coming soon.  :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

The things I forgot...

I want to remember to tell this to Brayden and Jack some day (courtesy of Taylor Swift):
"Don't you worry your pretty little mind,
People throw rocks at things that shine"
It happens to the best of it, little ones.  It happened to your daddy, and it happened to me.  We'll get through it, shiny little love.  Now tell me who it is so I can go all mama bear on his/her mother's ass.

Just kidding on that last part...sort of.

Brayden told me this morning while I was trying to extricate Jack from the bathroom while Brayden was using it "I just need some space, guys".  That cracked me up.

And a question...
Does it make me a bad mom if I hide behind corners and squirt my boys with a little squirt bottle?  It makes them laugh their little butts off and is totally unexpected.  Then we run around the house laughing and squirting each other after it turns into their turn with the bottle  (I took the day off of everything today, and we are just having a fun, putzy day).  :)  Oh, well, I think it's funny anyway!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

March and April

Boy it has been busy around here!
Brayden seems to be out of his funk (no, he did not stay grounded that whole time) and now he is just a big boy, refusing to be called little anything and yelling "I am a BIG GUY" when we make that mistake.  Otherwise he is back to his sweet little self.  Except for the whole he bit through his lip last night jumping on his bed when he was supposed to be sleeping.  Jeremiah and I recovered quickly from the blood...Brayden has a fat lip the size of Texas.  Maybe his moody little blues had something to do with him growing straight out of all of his clothes again.  It's a good thing I keep a box of clothes in the basement of the next size up (and that his great-aunties have filled it!!)

We've been having a lot of dance parties in the kitchen lately.  Whenever a particular song comes on Brayden will yell "It's your song mom!" and we will stop what we are doing to turn up the volume and shake it  (sometimes the boys dance and sing on their own, to their own tune and is especially funny when Jack is singing and shaking his little hips to his own 16 month old tune).    

One day we were at church planting some of our overgrown day lilies on the new church site during a mother daughter tea that I forgot about (I might me a mother, but I don't have a daughter, so I put it in the back of my mind).  We were dressed for gardening and mud... and everyone else for a garden party (sheesh!) so when the boys ran inside to play in the nursery they got quite a surprise.  When one of the 13 year olds who works in the nursery with Jack came over to say hi, Brayden just stared at her.  When she was walking away he said "She's beautiful mama."  And she was.  It was so sweet.  He is such a little love.  Sorry I mean BIG GUY love.
Jack is still full of his happy silly laugh.  And so, so many new words.  He calls Rowdy, a barn cat, in at night.  "Rowy!  ROOOWWy!  ROOOWWWY!"
He answers his own little phone like a little Brit:  "Ewwo?  Ewwo!"
When I lay him down to change his diaper he says "I poop!"  Not me or Jack.  I.
He sings the themes song to Dinasour Train..."Ride, ride, ride!"
When he knocks on the bathroom door he accompanies it with "onk, onk" know, knock knock!
And when he is feeling particularly sweet or wants out of his bed he calls me "Ommy". Not mommy.  Just the last part-Ommy.

Every time he says cookie, it sounds like a big surprise:  "cooookie?"  with an excited squeal at the end.  And he usually tells us it is "nummy!" unless he throws it on the floor.  Then he says "uh oh" and just looks at us did that happen?  He also says "icky!" and spits out any fowl tasting nastiness that he puts in his mouth.  Like the time he ate rabbit poop from the pasture.  Yes, I was watching him, thankyouverymuch.
He runs to the bathroom to brush his "teesh!"
He is very good with his pwees and ta-tus (please and thank you's) and he still loves his Gi-Gi (Grizzly).

 During the nice weather, Jeremiah went to Top Gun Lawn Mower Riding School.   Just kidding, but he looks handsome doesn't he?  And the boys both go crazy over that lawn mower.  Hope they still go crazy for it when they start mowing on their own!

 The weather has been a bit confusing here, just like in every other part of the country.  The lawnmower is out one minute, snow the next, rain soaked driveway for weeks.  Might as well take advantage of the mud puddles, right?

These two together, boy, I just don't know.  One night I was doing the dishes and didn't hear anything.  Nothing at all.  So I started creeping around the house looking for those two trouble makers (that usually means they are hiding in the bottom of our closet, sitting on my shoes).  After I found them, I ran back to grab the camera.  They were reading books to each other.  Sometimes at night, if neither of them is sleepy, Brayden will get each of them a book to read and then head back to his bed to read by the light of his fishy lamp.  They are so sweet together (most days)! 

The other day, Brayden told me "When I grow up, I gonna have cwaws wike a kitty and cwimb twees with Rowdy!"  That's Rowdy in that tree.  He lives up to his name every day.
I do need some new projects to work on with Brayden though.  He is now beyond my creativity and everything we do, his little brother wants to eat.  So I am on the look out for a book a good friend recommended.  It is called Teach Your Child to read in 100 easy lessons, if you happen to find it in a thrift store.  It might put him a bit ahead in school, but we can cross that bridge when we get there (with some Spanish or something).

We don't have any Easter pictures...because I didn't take any.  I don't know why  I keep doing that! But Auntie Danielle and Grammie and Auntie Meg have some I am sure.  Hopefully I can squeeze some from them.