Saturday, April 30, 2011

At it again...

The Tooth Fairy is back!

Jack has just the littlest bits of two tiny teeth starting to show.

Just when you get one kid through it...

Easter, 2011

We went down to Auntie Danielle's and Uncle John's house for Easter this year.

We go there every year for Eater (at least both of them since we've moved here).

We were confused about the wardrobe requirements.

But on Easter morning, we dyed brown eggs.

They were so pretty before we dyed them.

We weren't sure if they could even be colored.

It was Brayden's first year coloring Easter Eggs.

It just occured to me, that at that moment, his daddy wasn't there.


We spilled a little bit of the dye.

Whoopsie doops.

And we may have cracked a few eggs...

We probably could have waited another year before we tried it.

I think next year, we will use natural stuff.

I heard that you can use Hyacinth Tea and turn eggs red.

You must be able to do that with other colors, too.

We'll have to see.

Uncle John thought it was fun to watch us.

We arrived at their house on Friday night, so on Saturday, Danielle took us to meet some new freinds. They were surpisingly, not shy.

Look out Daddy! She's going to pick your pocket!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday we went to the pediatrician a few hours after we saw the nurse practitioner (based on her recommendation).

She examined him.

The redness that covered his chest from his neck to his ribs and went into both armpits and covered the entirety of his back, was almost gone. She looked in his little diaper area.

It wasn't red anymore

She looked in his throat.

It wasn't red anymore.

She said...He Did NOT Have Scarlet Fever.

And I took both of my little ones home and was the most relieved person in the Universe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scarlet Fever


Jack has Scarlet Fever.

We are looking for a nanny. Two to three days per week at our house to take care of the boys. If you know anyone, please have them call or email me, ASAP.

I also have strep throat, so I sound bad, but sure will do interviews.

And I repeat: galdammitpeicofshitandmotherfucker.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Funny things to say when you are two.

This week Brayden has said some really cute things. "Hi Doroty!" She's the goldfish in Elmo's World on Sesame. "I scawwy mamma! I scawwy!" He has seen our male duck attack his daddy several times. So he was scared when the duck walked past him. :) "I know!" I'm still not sure why he said that...but I'm sure he knew what he was talking about. :) oh, P.S.! Jack stuck his tongue out at his daddy the other day. When Jeremiah busted a gut, I came over to see what was happening. Jack wasn't just sticking the tip of his tongue out like he used to do when we stuck our tongue out. He was sticking the WHOLE thing out, just like his dad! When he did it again, he looked at Jeremiah and then looked at me and smiled, waiting for us to laugh, all the while his little tongue hanging out. Silly boys!! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today, after his nap...

Brayden took another nap. I didn't get right up to his room to let him out, and when I didn't hear more from him, I just finished what I was doing. By the time I got there, Brayden was already taking another nap. I guess he just wasn't done yet.

And then, he had his first shaving accident.

Please don't think those razors aren't locked up. Some how he got one while I was on the phone, pressed it to his little cheek and started shaving, leaving two little razor bite marks.

He shaves just like his daddy! ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is finally nice enough to go outside!

So whenever we can, that is where we are.

We are even starting to see some signs of life!

And Brayden still loves his wagon. After I pulled him, he told me it was my turn.

So I got in. Why not? Right?

Then he realilzed we weren't going to go anywhere that way.
"Mamma! Out!"

We've been going for walks outside too. Jack loves it!

He even takes his naps in the stroller.

The only one not too happy about spring is Grizzly.

He is still rolling in some of the snow piles. Brayden thinks its hilarious.

"Siwwy Gwiz!"

It makes Grizz sad.

He is defending the last of his snow pile.

Then I taught Brayden how to go potty outside.

And wipe his nose on his sleeve.

I may regret that later.

But right now, I will do anything to avoid another never ending tantrum or whining jag.

They have been rather frequent and all encompassing lately.

"Hey! It's Mamma's turn with that rake!

Get back here!"

Now when Brayden thinks something is unjust, he says "HEY!".

Occasionally accompanied by a "hhhcccch!" noise and a swat of the air.

I am finding a two year old to be one of life's greatest challenges.

Jack thinks it's all very funny!
Jack is getting so big that I actually had to pack away some of his

9 month outfits...his feet are too big for them!

He took this picture of himself. He pulled the camera close enough to

try to taste it, and I pushed the button.

Everything must be tasted these days!

It is a fun time!

Then, last night, before he went to bed, Brayden discovered that his little nose fit in the space between my nose and eyes. He spent about 5 minutes just playing with that new idea.

I was so grateful for the sweet moment before bedtime!

We also took both boys to the chiropractor this week.

Jack had another ear infection, and we needed an alternative.

So the chiropractor adjusted him, marveled at his easygoing-ness and

told me how to move extra fluid out with an easy massage of his

lymph nodes.

We also had Brayden treated. When his test results came back negative for C-Diff we were elated. But still needed to get to the bottom of the mess. So he went to the chiropractor too.

And after being adjusted as he ran around the room (that woman is fantastic!), he is on the mend too!

Yay! Happy Spring to us!