Friday, August 30, 2013

cute...or not?

This morning I realized Jack has one of the same ideas that Brayden has been using on me.

The "I can't DOITTT!" whining idea, with a cute little grin, threatening to break through the corners of his mouth.

When he can do it.  When he has done it before so he can go out and play.  But he wants me to do it.

He wants me to put on his shoes and socks.  When my hands are full and the Charlotte is screaming.  When we are in a hurry.  When he isn't.


Jack-I will help you if you try, but you have to try first  (buying myself some time).

But I CANNNNTTTT DDDOOOOIIITTT!  (Working up some tears).

Jack, I will only help you if you try.

But mom!

Jack, you can't go outside if you don't have your shoes on.

Jack slips on his shoes and runs out the door.

CUSSWORDSINMYHEAD.  It takes me everything to wrestle my mouth into something nice to say after that-Good job Jack, I knew you could do it.  Way to go bud!

To keep my twitching, full hands from dropping everything and whacking him across the back of the head and shrieking JUSTDOIT!  I ALREADY KNOW YOU CAN DO IT FOR PETE'S SAKE!  YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME.

I am so going to be that mother someday that looses it and screams "I brought you into this world...AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!  Heaven help me.  :)

Measuring up

Little Charlie girl is wearing my old outfit from when I was that size.  
Looks like she is in the middle of talking all about it.  :)

We finally took her to the doctor the other day, at 5 months.  She has a little bit of a heart murmur that the doc is going to follow (she wasn't concerned at all).  And our little baby love got measured and weighed.
She weighs in at 14 teeny tiny pounds and 10 ounces.
Her weight, rolly polly legs and all:  32%
Her height:  26 and 3/4"  the 91%
Her head:  86%
Looks like our mischievous little one is going to be tall.  :)

And busy.  She is already up on all fours, rocking back and fourth.  At 5 months old.  Sigh.

Gamma and Pappa come to visit

Ahh...she's happy.  This was the beginning of the end of the crabby baby stage.

"Ah, Papa George!  I heard about you!"

"And my Gahma!  You are just what they said you were!
Nice to meet you.  I love you very much."

All of Brayden, Jack and Charlotte's granparents in one place. 
A special day for sure!
Even more so at our Favorite Restaurant of all Time.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My children have a secret meeting every day. They decide who will melt down when, how to amplify the situation as much as possible, when to be so, SO good and when to push buttons, like the ones on the computer, the blender and mommy. They also meet to decide who will wake up for a middle of the night feeding, who will wet the bed and who will wander around the house sleep walking, all at different times during the night. Swear. Swear that they they have this strategic planning meeting...probably while I am in the bathroom. I am so outnumbered!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Miss

Charlotte.  She is one heck of a mover.  A few weeks before her 5 month birthday she is all of the way across the room in a heart beat.  She is never where I left her, when I come back into the room.  At four months old she could scoot her little diapered but across the 5 x 8 rug in the living room.  And she can roll like a champ.

Brayden's first horse show

About a week ago, I called Danielle.
I said "The horses are having a really hard time with the bugs this year.  If I can find a trailer, can I bring them down to your house for a bug vacation?"

She said yes.

Through God's grace, we didn't end up going on the day we planned to go.
We ended up going on the day of the horse show.

So Brayden rode Beulla in their very first show.

Everyone was there to watch.

I messed up a little bit...It was my first show, too!

I kinda sorta didn't know we had started already-sorry buddy!

He had to walk his horse in a clockwise circle around the judge,

Then in a counter clockwise circle around the judge.

Then we had to line up, face the judge and get ready to answer questions.

Don't forget to smile, bud.

Here she comes...

Okay, we are next.

Hello, young man.  What is your name?
What is your horses name?
Okay, please back your horse up.
(oh dear, we hadn't worked on that!  Good try buddy)
Okay, please make her go forward.
(pull, pull, PULL ON THE LEAD ROPE MAMA! oh well)
Okay, thank you!
(High five from the very nice judge)

Way to go Brayden, I am so proud of you!

Good job Beulla.
Thanks for taking care of my little buddy.

See that smile?

4th place.  Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Jack's turn!

So proud.

Oh dear.  I'm all chocked up again.
Ugh, we are so proud!