Friday, August 30, 2013

cute...or not?

This morning I realized Jack has one of the same ideas that Brayden has been using on me.

The "I can't DOITTT!" whining idea, with a cute little grin, threatening to break through the corners of his mouth.

When he can do it.  When he has done it before so he can go out and play.  But he wants me to do it.

He wants me to put on his shoes and socks.  When my hands are full and the Charlotte is screaming.  When we are in a hurry.  When he isn't.


Jack-I will help you if you try, but you have to try first  (buying myself some time).

But I CANNNNTTTT DDDOOOOIIITTT!  (Working up some tears).

Jack, I will only help you if you try.

But mom!

Jack, you can't go outside if you don't have your shoes on.

Jack slips on his shoes and runs out the door.

CUSSWORDSINMYHEAD.  It takes me everything to wrestle my mouth into something nice to say after that-Good job Jack, I knew you could do it.  Way to go bud!

To keep my twitching, full hands from dropping everything and whacking him across the back of the head and shrieking JUSTDOIT!  I ALREADY KNOW YOU CAN DO IT FOR PETE'S SAKE!  YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME.

I am so going to be that mother someday that looses it and screams "I brought you into this world...AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!  Heaven help me.  :)

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