Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures of Brayden's California Trip

Here are the promised pictures of Brayden's first trip!

We kept thinking that Orson was a little bit bigger then Brayden, albeit two weeks younger. But, once they are next to each other, dazzeling their moms with their goofy smiles, they seem to be about the same size!

Brayden is reaching for his first California orange
(across the neighbors fence).

But it was worth it!

They were such good boys!

Here we are, out for ice cream, shamelessly exploiting any opportunity to take their pictures!

We even learned a new hold to get out stubborn gas bubbles
from Matt, Orson's dad.

Brayden is Mr. Curious and had a hard time falling asleep around all of the new people, new sounds (including some one else crying), and new scents. So out of desperation, we went to Target and got a co-sleeper, put one of Brayden's blankets inside and he finally, finally slept (next to me-the bassinet Matt and Kim were lending us was just too exciting!).

We missed Daddy and sure are glad to be home;
What an adventure!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Big Week

Brayden has had one pretty incredible week. He has learned to smile (not from gas!) and it is the most beautiful, heart melting thing I have ever seen. Angie came to visit this week and when we took him to the doctor, we found he ways just over 10 pounds! That puts him in the 50th percentile for weight. And monumentally, Brayden had his first plane ride (he even recieved his wings!). Two of them actually. We drove three hours to Bozeman, hopped on a plane, laid over in Denver and took a much bigger plane to Sacramento to meet Kim's little slugger, Orson (

Brayden was a little angel during his flights. He fell asleep as soon as we hit the runway and didn't wake up again until we were in Denver. And we certianly had Grace on our side! Everyone was so helpful, from the TSA agent who folded the stroller, put it through the x-tray maching and popped it back open afterwards, to the pilot who pushed the stroller down the walkway for us (Bozeman's airport is just as small as Great FAlls' airport). Brayden even had some international influence from the Aussie who helped me hold onto him when we hit an air pocket and then carried Brayden's bag off the plane. The flight attendant on our second flight moved us to a more "private" seat assingment that was surrounded by ladies so that I could feed him, and the girl we were sharing a row with didn't even puke when Brayden blew out his diaper and I changed him on the seat between us. :) We are now safely in Sacramento, and I will post pictures as soon as we get home!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Accomplishments!

Today, at exactly 1 month old, Brayden rolled over!

He rolled from his tummy onto his back.
Can you believe that?
He's also become much more of an accomplished puker.
Eh, you take the good with the bad.

Special Visitors

Our handsome little guy had a few special vistors this weekend. On Thursday night Uncle Charlie, Auntie Kathy, Auntie Nicky, Cousin Tank, five month pregnant Auntie Deandra and Cousin Timmy hopped into the Suburban and drove the 16+ hours to see Brayden. They drove through the night, the dark and the carsickness for about a 24 hour stay to love up our little guy (and I don't think they will every be so crazy again!). Brayden soaked up every minute of the love and affection until his vistors left at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning. Here are a few pictures:

He was even awake for most of the visit!

Here he is with Auntie Deandra.
You can tell he loves her already.

Here Timmy is holding his first cousin. He has been
waiting to play with Baby Brayden for a long time!
(And is being cautiosly watched over-check out the background!)

Swadled by Auntie Nicky.

We spent most of Saturday out and about, which was good practice for Mommy, Daddy and Brayden (we haven't gone out much yet). Brayden was well behaved and even slept through dinner at a restaruant! Here we are at the Holiday Inn pool, where Tank and Timmy burned off energy stored up from their road trip.
Brayden was so sad to see his company go, but so grateful that they came!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today, it is 63 degrees outside: time go out! Brayden has been on one walk so far in his jogging stroller, but the streets and sidewalks are so full of bumps and gravel that I didn't feel like it was a very nice ride for him. So today, we went out in the Baby Bjorn. We stuck close to home (the back yard), as the breeze was blowing (we never really have a "breeze", it was a little windy), and it was our first time using the Baby Bjorn.

Brayden got all dressed up in his little bear snowsuit (ironically, I picked it up when I was working in California-odd for cold weather clothes!). I resisted adding another hat because I didn't want to cook him. I have a tendancy to over dress him and then the poor little guy sweats through his clothes.

Once we got into the Baby Bjorn, I put my jacket on around him so he was protected from the wind, and we were off! We spent about 10 minutes playing ball with Griz, and then another 25 picking up doggie do do (no snow means now we can see it all! Yuck!).

Brayden slept through most of our adventure, and continues to sleep now in his crib, but I couldn't resist one more picture as he was stretching after I took off the Baby Bjorn.

I know every mamma thinks this, but he is just so beautiful, he makes our hearts melt!