Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today, it is 63 degrees outside: time go out! Brayden has been on one walk so far in his jogging stroller, but the streets and sidewalks are so full of bumps and gravel that I didn't feel like it was a very nice ride for him. So today, we went out in the Baby Bjorn. We stuck close to home (the back yard), as the breeze was blowing (we never really have a "breeze", it was a little windy), and it was our first time using the Baby Bjorn.

Brayden got all dressed up in his little bear snowsuit (ironically, I picked it up when I was working in California-odd for cold weather clothes!). I resisted adding another hat because I didn't want to cook him. I have a tendancy to over dress him and then the poor little guy sweats through his clothes.

Once we got into the Baby Bjorn, I put my jacket on around him so he was protected from the wind, and we were off! We spent about 10 minutes playing ball with Griz, and then another 25 picking up doggie do do (no snow means now we can see it all! Yuck!).

Brayden slept through most of our adventure, and continues to sleep now in his crib, but I couldn't resist one more picture as he was stretching after I took off the Baby Bjorn.

I know every mamma thinks this, but he is just so beautiful, he makes our hearts melt!


Tammy said...

Wow Kell, what are you feeding my grandson? He is getting so big. And yes his Grammy thinks he is beautiful too. Give Brayden a kiss and squeeze for me. Love you.
Your Mama

Kayla said...

Kelley, I love the snow suit! It reminds me of the adorable pink one you got for our little one; which I am anxious to see her in (it's packed in our hospital bag)! Brayden is so precious! I can't wait til mine is here so they can become buddies just like us!

Emily said...

He is too cute!