Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's the season of sharing;
here is what that looks like at our house...

We have been doing everything we can to entertain ourselves in this heartbreakingly snowless winter.  We have had reading budies,

 laughed at Rowdy Cat (one of our new barn cats) as he pounced on sticks while shaking the some of the few snow flakes from his frozen paws,

 painted each other's faces while we crafted,

and then I let them do things like this...

Grizzly especially loved it.

And things like this...
We pulled the mattress out of Jack's crib and I let them jump on it.

Somehow, after all this time, Grizzly finally found his way back to sleeping in our bedroom.  He used to do that in Montana, but we never let him do it here.  Now that he is only allowed upstairs (that is SO much dog hair all over the house-best to confine it!), he sneaks in our bedroom when he thinks we are sleeping.

Then Grandma Karen and Pappa George sent Brayden and Jack a Christmas Miracle.
A trampoline!!!
We set it up in the living room downstairs.
You should hear them laugh!
Sorry about the pictures!
I am still trying to win a digital SLR on the Pioneer Woman like my old non digital SLR...its just taking me a long time to beat out the other 30,000 people who try to win it.

Hooray for Christmas Miracles!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just Couldn't Wait.

This picture was from the neighbor, Amanda's, camera,
and I forgot to post it on Halloween.

He just couldn't wait to taste that chocolate!
This is just one of those moments when I am so certian his parents' blood
flows through his veins!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Mr. and Mrs.

My cousin Ryan married his beautiful new wife just after Thanksgiving. They make such a fantastic couple and of course, they have great taste in ring bearers.  They asked Brayden to do the honors for them and because he adores Stephanie...he was happy to help out!

Here is Katie and Marissa, making a fuss over his boutonniere.

He was a total ham and soaked up every second.
Especially all of the attention from those pretty girls!

He did a great job!
He walked down the aisle with his new buds, behaved during the ceremony (Daddy took poor, tired, sleep deprived Jack to play in the annex) and walked back up again like a little gent.

He was exhausted when it was over-all that good behavior, you know.

But then it was time to party!
We sure do have a family of dancers-wahoo!

He sure did love Stephanie.
At least until he decided that Katie is the new love of his life.
He kept asking me if she would dance with him.
What makes it even more funny is that Mavie adores Marissa!!
Oh, those Trudeau girls!

Asking Auntie Dan-o to dance.

Jack and Timmy cutting a rug.
Timmy is such a good big cousin!
And Jack adores him, just like Brayden did.
He thinks he should be hanging out with the big guys already,
so a special moment with Timmy is priceless.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet One Year Old

My goodness, I don't know how this happened. 

Our beautiful baby is one entire year old.

He has filled our days with mischief, gut busting laughter, super sonic shrieks, tired little loon giggles, endless trouble, quick temper tantrums and tight sweet, sweet snuggles.  To celebrate the big event-he even got two birthday parties!

One in Texas,

and one in Minnesota.

Jack's determination is limitless.  He was a completely mobile roller at five months; at nine months he took his first steps.  We didn't encourage any more after those first ones, but somethings just can't be stopped!

He loves his blankie, sleep, his big brother, eating broccali and chocolate cake,
his mommy, his blankie, Grizzly, Peanut and Daddy!
He also loves his nuk for the first ten minutes of his nap.
Then we hear it hit the floor and we know he is off to sleep.

My sweet baby's first words: mama and then dadda, hi, ALL DONE!,

bye bye, Buppa and Pappa, hot and apple and thank you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
You melt our hearts and bring us overwhelming joy.