Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet One Year Old

My goodness, I don't know how this happened. 

Our beautiful baby is one entire year old.

He has filled our days with mischief, gut busting laughter, super sonic shrieks, tired little loon giggles, endless trouble, quick temper tantrums and tight sweet, sweet snuggles.  To celebrate the big event-he even got two birthday parties!

One in Texas,

and one in Minnesota.

Jack's determination is limitless.  He was a completely mobile roller at five months; at nine months he took his first steps.  We didn't encourage any more after those first ones, but somethings just can't be stopped!

He loves his blankie, sleep, his big brother, eating broccali and chocolate cake,
his mommy, his blankie, Grizzly, Peanut and Daddy!
He also loves his nuk for the first ten minutes of his nap.
Then we hear it hit the floor and we know he is off to sleep.

My sweet baby's first words: mama and then dadda, hi, ALL DONE!,

bye bye, Buppa and Pappa, hot and apple and thank you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
You melt our hearts and bring us overwhelming joy.

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