Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Party Photos!

Sorry these took so long (this still doesn't happen at home!). Other then that, there isn't anything else to say, besides Happy Birthday, Mr. One Year old!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties

We have had some technical difficulties here at our house. They center around the Wii that George and Karen gave us for Christmas...and then zero in on the Marios Brother's game they brought witht them when they came to visit. I feel like I am not doing my homework before finals. Then I have to have serious conversations with myself (Jeremiah works late!) about the things that have to be done...I'll clean the bathroom in just two more tries to pass this world, I'll post Brayden's pictures after I beat this Koopa...

At least we only play when Brayden is sleeping. Is it bad that I dream in Mario?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Firsts

In the last two weeks, Brayden has had a myriad of firsts. His first Christmas, New Years Eve, and somewhere in the middle, his first haircut.

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Steve at the Waldbillig family Christmas. Daddy met us there, and Brayden was a party animal! He stayed up until 9:30 and danced to the music and laughter of his cousins. He delighted in his aunties adoration and was "Charlie Brown" to Grandpa Al, who is almost 90.

We left just before Santa came to visit our house. He brought Brayden some very fun presents.

Jeremiah and I really enjoyed capturing him through the lens of the new camera that Aunt Trish, Aunt Chris, Grandma Glenna and Pappa Suggs sent to us. We were so happy to replace our once lost camera with this very fancy fast acting new one.

Brayden's favorite toy is his new kitty - he is in a stage where he loves to hug and hold and snuggle his stuffed animals. And the real animals. The new words (since the tubes) are kitty and doggie. He even said "hi kitty" to the one that ran across the driveway today. :) He is also very helpful, and loves, loves, LOVES to climb on anything he can get his little hands on. Those pictures will come after his haircut pictures.

His first haircut was the first Saturday after Christmas. I haven't wanted to post them, because they are a little shocking (and not what we were after, of course). He went from sweet little baby to little boy. See for yourself.
This is before his haircut:

And this is after.

He just isn't a baby anymore. Next thing you know, he'll be shaving.

And here is our little boy climbing:

Our best gift of all...No FEVERS! He felt so good, he even helped us paint his bedroom.

Our little family wishes you and your family enjoyed the magic of the holidays as much as we did.