Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brayden seems to be feeling better! Through all of our doctor visits, we found that Brayden weighs in at 20 pounds and is 26 inches long. Yesterday he was a pretty fussy guy, which really isn't his style, so that has me worried a little bit, but otherwise, he seems back to his chatter box little self! Thank God!

Before he got sick, we had some really fun visitors from Montana-Kayla and Jordan made the trip back to MN, and I have to say, I think it was much more fun this time! Here are some quick pictures from the trip.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guest Blogger/Sick Baby Brayden!

Well our little sweet guy has had a tough two weeks. Brayden started out with a little know the runny nose, cough type of cold. It seemed to progress and get worse and his Mommy and Daddy were bummed thinking he had Croup which they had posted at day care -it was going around! Kelley and Jeremiah tried to keep him out of the doctors office/emergency room because of the H1N1 virus which is going around like crazy here. Finally the little guy needed to be seen because he was just not getting any better! It turns out Brayden did not have Croup aferall but had H1N1 and an ear infection! Brayden was also a bit dehydrated, who wants to eat or drink when your ear hurts and you have the flu!!! Brayden was given some antibiotics for his ear infection and Kelley and Jeremiah were told he was too young for Tamaflu they went home thinking if they could get fluids and meds. into him he would feel better soon. That was not the case.............
This week proved to be difficult for Brayden too, he was back into the doctors office and emergency room a few times and he even had a chest x ray done. I think Mommy was more traumatized than poor baby Brayden! It is not a pleasant thing to see you baby strapped into some odd contraption, not quite understanding what is going on and you being helpless to explain it to them! It has been hard for the doctors to know how sick Brayden actually is because when he gets to the clinic he puts on his little charm face and has a fun time with everyone. After more run around and phone calls Kelley and Jeremiah found out Brayden had pneumonia along with his H1N1 and ear infection! Brayden was started on Tamaflu after a week of not feeling any better which is great except he had bit too much medicine for a few doses! There was some confusion with pharmacy and the dosage...........oh my-just add that to the list. After doing some checking around with poison control etc. Mommy and Daddy were told his liver and kidneys would get rid of all of the meds. by morning!
I talked to Kelley this evening and she said Brayden is starting to finally feel better, he does not have a fever anymore and he has started talking to them again! Thank God! It sure is scary to have a sick baby........we are glad he is feeling better. We hope your next few days are more fun than the last Brayden! Love you hugs and kisses,
Auntie Deandra
PS-Kelley and Jeremiah would like everyone to know Braydens dedication/baptism will be November 7th!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Of Apples and... Daycare

Last week we celebrated fall in on of the best possible ways. In between moving and unpacking, we took Brayden to the Apple Orchard. We picked, and picked and ate! and Bradyen got to pick the first apple. After we wiped off the apple and polished it on our sweatshirt, he put it right into his mouth like he does with everything else. My first thought was: watch this! I took a big bite out of it and peeled a little of it so he could taste it. After he got that big, gorgeous apple back into his mouth, he sucked on it and bit into it for the rest of the time that were picking apples. Jeremiah and I had a fantastic lunch at the little cafe that served all apple themed meals and deserts and then we took Brayden to see pumpkins, chickens and goats. He was too tired for much climbing, so we took him home for a good nap, and he fell asleep sticky with apple juice all over his sweet little face.

Brayden finally went to daycare on the 7th (our wedding anniversary, actually). We avoided it as long as we could, with Auntie Deandra and before that George. I dropped him off and was the only one crying. He had already been there, so he wasn't scared at all (we had brought him to visit three times to acclimate him). I finally said, "okay, I'm ready" and the teacher took him from me and he hugged her! So I dried up my tears a little bit and headed out the door. Now we can watch him on the kiddie cam. Oh, daycare!