Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Of Apples and... Daycare

Last week we celebrated fall in on of the best possible ways. In between moving and unpacking, we took Brayden to the Apple Orchard. We picked, and picked and ate! and Bradyen got to pick the first apple. After we wiped off the apple and polished it on our sweatshirt, he put it right into his mouth like he does with everything else. My first thought was: watch this! I took a big bite out of it and peeled a little of it so he could taste it. After he got that big, gorgeous apple back into his mouth, he sucked on it and bit into it for the rest of the time that were picking apples. Jeremiah and I had a fantastic lunch at the little cafe that served all apple themed meals and deserts and then we took Brayden to see pumpkins, chickens and goats. He was too tired for much climbing, so we took him home for a good nap, and he fell asleep sticky with apple juice all over his sweet little face.

Brayden finally went to daycare on the 7th (our wedding anniversary, actually). We avoided it as long as we could, with Auntie Deandra and before that George. I dropped him off and was the only one crying. He had already been there, so he wasn't scared at all (we had brought him to visit three times to acclimate him). I finally said, "okay, I'm ready" and the teacher took him from me and he hugged her! So I dried up my tears a little bit and headed out the door. Now we can watch him on the kiddie cam. Oh, daycare!


shazam said...

he is so adorable. there are no other words to describe. and how great is it that you can watch him at daycare from work?

Deandra said...

love the pics. and miss the little guy, cant wait to spend time on halloween

LIFE in POTS said...

Looks like your apple picking trip was much colder then ours :) Sounds like a lovely weekend.