Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Right Hand Man

Our little man is growing so fast, that I have to admit, I am a little bewildered by the speed of it. Just last a few weeks ago, he was really learning to crawl on all fours. No more army crawl or baby scoot, but to move with a surprising speed toward dog or cat or whatever the object of his attention.

This week our little right hand man (he shows serious sings of being a "righty") figured out he can pull himself up on things to stand. And now if he can stand, there is no reason to sit, or heaven forbid, lay down. I was really hoping he would be in our new house, in his new room before he discovered he could pull up on the edge of the crib. I tried to contain him in there, one day, while I vacuumed and I turned around and there he stood, happy as he could be. So pleased at his accomplishment that I couldn't help but laugh. Now we have to hide behind the bed at nap and bedtime so he doesn't see us (and so we don't start laughing and encourage him!).

Out in the yard today, Timmy and Mav were playing and Bradyen was down in the grass while I was a short distance away. Mav drove his John Deere tractor all the way across the yard only to look back and see if Brayden was following him. And he was! The look of determination so strong on his little face that my heart skipped a beat.

It truly is a good thing we are moving in two weeks. The fan is a constant tease and the electrical outlets beckon. He even has a little toddler four wheeler in the sandbox that he has started to love (and I am still trying to keep him out of the sandbox).

His favorite toys are Grizzly's kennel, and blocks and balls and the soft trucks at Auntie's house. She has all of the best toys! He has four words that he uses pretty regularly. "Hi" was the first at about six months, and is the reigning favorite. "Dadda" was next, followed by "Mamma" and "babba" for bottle. If you think it's a little early for words, you can get in line behind me. But he knows what he wants when he uses them! ONe night he was fussing and calling "mamma" so I got up to soothe him and put him back to sleep. We are less than two feet apart, after all. In the morning when he was calling me again and I wouldn't get up, he switched his tune..."Dadda?...Dadda!"

Here are some other fun pictures!

He loves to feed himself!!

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Shirley said...

Omigosh, Kelly! He is so adorable! I can't believe how much he's grown and all the fun things he's doing already! I picture him like he was last time I saw him. Wow! Time has sure flown by! I'm glad Kayla and Jordan get to visit you and Brayden. Can't wait to see her pictures when she gets back.