Monday, June 13, 2011


June was a remarkably busy month for our family.

It started off when I accidentally ran over the attack duck. If he just wouldn't have attacked my tire! Since he did it all of the time I should have known he would come out of no where and try to best the thousands of pounds of steel and whatever else that was hustling down the driveway. Poor duck.

Then my dear, sweet, wonderful friend Kim came into town. And Jeremiah's dear, sweet, wonderful friend Steve came into town. We both got to spend time with some of our favorite people, doing our favorite things. Jeremiah and Steven went to see a movie, and Kim and I worked like crazy to get everything ready for Jeremiah's surprise party.

And then, he was totally surprised!

Especially because so many sweet, wonderful freinds came from all over the country to celebrate with him.

Early the next morning was Jack's dedication.

He was a true champ

Auntie Danielle and Uncle Tim are lil' smilin' Jack's god parents. They promised to help raise him to know God through out his life and help him learn to play hockey and ride horses.

And to love him just a lil' extra special bit.

The congregation was introduced to Jack as a member of the family, too. And they all also promised to help raise him through the years (see that little guy in the orange? He didn't have to promise anything. He already loves his little cousin so very, very much).

This set of grandparents promised to always give him candy and take him fishing. ;)

Big brother Brayden has been wearing his toddler pants again and he has heard "Brayden Zacheriah!" a number of times. I must have been wearing my own toddler pants because I have also heard "Mommy Zach-er-riah!"

Good grief he makes me laugh!

One morning I picked little Jack up out of his crib and heard him say "Mamma!" He was so happy to see me and he even used the word right. A little bit later he said "Dadda". It just goes to show you how dang smart he is. I had explained to him earlier that if he said daddy first he would have to move out. See? Smart baby!

He is still so happy and smiley and devoted to his big brother, the dog and the cat. He is wearing 12 month clothes and while he is pretty snugly when he wants to be, holding him is like holding a 78th percentile jumping bean. Changing his diaper is like wrestling with an orangutang. His army crawl is so dang quick that Peanut has a hard time getting away from him. He thinks it is really fun to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. Good thing the house is baby proofed already! He has also graduated to solid food, sans any little teeth.

Then my hours were cut at work...then my whole job was cut at work. And now...I should be able to get more blog posts up!

(Several pictures courtesy of Auntie Deandra or Grammie)