Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A lot of nights, Jeremiah and I fall asleep talking over the silly things the boys have done that day, or repeating our favorite things Brayden says until we are giggling so loud we risk waking them. Last night, we were talking about how much Brayden loves Gwizzwy. But Gwizzwy never comes to him when he calls (Come on Gwizzwy, come on!). Then Brayden asks Jeremiah or I to call him, and we whistle for Griz. Then Brayden says “whoooooo!” “whoooooo!” It’s how he whistles. It is so cute!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A learning experience

Yesterday I learned a really crappy lesson.

Brayden, who is 26 months old, has mastered his undies and the potty chair with one exception. Poopy. But he tries hard. And he tells us he has to go a lot; but he never really goes (it's been less than a week of undies) on the potty. So that morning, he told me he had to go. I said "Okay buddy, go sit on the potty!" and I ran downstairs. I didn't notice the earnest little look on his face, or that he was clutching his little hiney. By the time I got back upstairs, Jeremiah was in the bathroom with him, cleaning up his little pants. He didn't make it. And he really, really did have to go this time.

I had been wracked with mommy guilt all day. It had been choking me actually. Because he had some succes the night before. And I think I ruined it.

After lunch, I talked with another mom who I really think highly of.
She told me that we all make mistakes.
She told me that they are really open with their teenager and very transparent about the mistakes that they make. By doing that, they are teaching her to have grace for herself and towards others, including her parents.

That is more than a lesson in potty training, I guess. As hard as it is, I think I am going to try to be very transparent with my kids too. It won't cure my mommy guilt. But I think it will help. And they will know that I tried hard, too.

Here are some other things that have happened over the last month:

Jack started cereal.

He reached the 16 pound mark.

He also loves his Jumparoo.

I didn't think we would ever have a baby happier than Brayden. I think Jack though, is the happiest baby in the world. In spite of his second ear infection this month. And all three of us spoiling him relentlessly. We love to listen to him laugh, to talk, and most of all, to watch his facial expressions. Especially when he just raises on eyebrow at a time.
Peanut is pretty frustrated with him though. She hates sharing can see her paw just resting on the blankie above. Because I must have kicked her and her cat litter box paws off fifteen times during the day.

Brayden is in the process of being tested for C-Diff. Eww.
Maybe that is why he has been such a challenge lately. Or is that because he is 2? Poor buddy. My poor, poor little buddy. :(