Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brayden and Grizzly

One day B was outside with Griz and I was spying on them, camera in hand.  This is the sweetness that I caught:

Getting Ready For Jesus' birthday

We cut down our own Christmas tree this year. 

We didn't go very far to get it. 

We have been watching it grow for a few years.  

And this year, this year it was finally ready

to come in from the pasture!

We had so much fun decorating our pasture tree.

And Grizzly.

And then we were ready!

One day I was taking a shower and heard Charlotte wake up and she was crying.  I hurried through my shower and I was a little puzzled when she stopped crying.  When I got to her room, I saw that Peanut was letting her pet her, and was comforting her through the bars of her crib.
No wonder "key key" is one her first words!

Time together in the kitchen with my crazy helpers.


It is a very exciting time!

One of Charlie's favorite activities-jungle gyming on the chairs and kitchen table.  

Getting toasty warm to go outside.

Brayden pulling Charlie along for the ride-he is such a sweet big brother.  

Jack wanted to pull her too.  Speaking of sweet, he wants to "kiss her on da whip" every night before bed.
And I find him hugging her gently quite often during the day.

She doesn't seem to mind!


Brayden, Charlotte and Linc