Monday, June 10, 2013

The hardest part...

The hardest thing about a third baby, the absolute hardest, is that you know how fast it goes. 

That those teeny, unsure little smiles turn into giant silly grins and the milestones come so quickly. 

And as you turn your head away from her radiant smile to put a roof over her head or make some other concession to reality (like laundry), she will roll over, start to drool and maybe even have her first laugh. 

It is all so necessary and so hard, to remember that it goes by just so dang fast; 

to not be sad that it is happening so fast but to rejoice that she is so healthy and that she is growing so quickly; 

 to revel in the wonder of a baby whilst she is still just that-a teeny tiny miracle of a baby... soon to be a whirlwind of temper and toddlerhood!