Friday, November 18, 2011


We spent this past week in Texas.  We had a wonderful time-we enjoyed the plane ride, the weather, and most especially our Suggs side of the family.  We stayed at Grandma Glenna's house (thank you!) which was very, very convieniently located right next to GahMa Karen and Papa Georges' house.
What was even better...Calvin and Crew live there too!!

It was Jack's first plane ride.

The boys just about tore that airport apart burning off pre-flight energy.
Do not be fooled by the picture above.
The picture below shows them plotting to run in opposite directions!
You think they are talking about airplanes, luggage trucks and how excited they are to see their Gahma and papa.
Don't be fooled.

The plotting must have been just what he needed though because he slept through most of the flights.  YAHOO!!  I love that the kid loves to sleep!
Somehow, we don't have any pictures of George and Karen and us or the boys.
I have no idea how that happened...but at least we actually got some pictures this time.
Gahma Karen took us to the Children's Museum one day.
It was a riot!

 Brayden's foot prints, which are huge at home, shrink down quite a bit when compared with a brontosaur's footprints.
 Jack certainly is independent,
Walking through an alligator's jaws all by himself.
 Does anyone else notice that none of this little monkey's
body parts are touching the ground?

He also learned to swing from Glenna's table using just his fingertips.

Exploring all of the exhibits together.
You sure are tall GahMa!
Then, we went to the zoo!
A southern zoo is pretty dang fun for northern kids.  They had all kinds of critters that we don't have up here: elephants and rhinos and hippos and cheetas that are through the fence stalking hogs that are trying desperately to get the zoo keeper to open the door to their inside enclosure.
 This guy swam right under Brayden's feet.
It was outrageous.
We didn't know he was standing right over the tunnel.
Super fun to experience with your cousins!

Good looking group of guys, huh?
Kimmodo dragon, aside.

 Hi Swan!  I love you.
I have been trying to see flocks of you at home.
Funny to see you in Texas!
 We thought this guy looked familiar...a little like the one we left at home.
There was also an enclosure of small tropical birds.  Once you entered, you picked up a stick covered in birdseed and the birds flocked all around you and ate the food off of the stick.  Daddy and Brayden even got the bird to stand on their stick!
Such good buddies!
By the time we left Brayden wasn't even asking for his cousins anymore.  He wanted to know where his friends were.  :)
We also got to spend a day with Aunt Trisha and Aunt Chrissy.
Brayden was happy to go with them from the moment they picked us up at the airport, so his shy little self was completely warmed up after spending the day with them.
They took us to see Grandpa Suggs.  Jack thought his chair was pretty cool.
And then...
we took a...
 Here we are, totally standing in the PRESS BOX!

 This is the owner's suite.
We got to go inside and check out the luxe.
Not that the owners ever sit in there.
We saw their seats (cushy and covered) when we went down on the field.

 During the tour guide's presentation of the press room, Brayden's little feet carried him (of their own will) up to the podium.
Then Chrissy and I couldn't help it.
Once Mr. Tour guide was done, we had to have our picture there too.
 Trisha, Jack and Jeremiah weren't going to miss out either!

Josh Hamilton, Mr. Homeruningame6, writes this board.  It is located downstairs in the stadium where the team takes indoor batting practice.  Anytime of the day or night, under lights that exactly replicate what is in the stadium.

Locker room entrance.
Do you think he can sneak in?
 The bench in the dugout.
This guy will probably play for the Twins.
His big brother, right there behind him though,
this is right where he belongs.
 This is where the players lean over the fence when they are excited about a play
or a run scored.  My guys were excited too.
 This is where Ron Washington does "The Wash" during the games.
Yup, we sat were the coaches sit in the DUGOUT!!
We actually had dirt on our shoes from the field!
 We got some great pictures of the family.
This one is especially memorable because Uncle Johnny just graduated from underwater welding school!
And this is all of Grandma Glenna's Grand and Great Grandkids!
We had such a great time-we can't wait for the next trip!

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