Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

These last two weeks of October have been super busy.  Jack has started to say some new words:  "All done!" "hot" and "bye bye Bappa" in addition to woof and the horsey noise (which he does to the cat).

Jack got his first haircut.
Jack's before picture

The struggle begins!
Just tryin' to tidy you up lil buddy!

Aww!  It was worth it.  So handsome!

The Rangers played in the World Series again this year, so that kept us all up pretty late a few nights.  We had hot chocolate treats to keep us awake though. 
We have spent so much time talking about and watching baseball that Brayden took a card that he recieved in the mail and bent it up so it can function as a baseball "gwub"!
Jack cheered for the Rangers, too.  He was just asleep while he did it.

Then, we carved pumpkins that we grew in the garden.

Everybody got to pick just which one they wanted.

  Jack really got into it!

Spooky, spooky!

Finally, the big night arrived and Buddy and the lil' elephant were ready to go!
Then we took all of the neighborhood kids out on a hayride through the neighborhood.
They came home happy and ready for the next adventure.

Which for us, is getting on a plane bound for Texas.

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Kayla said...

I am so jealous of your pumpkins! SO COOL! I love Brayden's Buddy costume!