Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Relief Pitcher

When Brayden won't share,

When Jack wont stop screaming or demanding idon'tknowwhat,

when the toys are stretched across every available space in the living room,

when Brayden is begging for another snack and I've dug 14 of something gross out of Jack's mouth,

when Brayden yells "I don't have to go pee!" even though he is holding on tight and doing a dance and Jack is fighting to keep the boogers he just smeared all over his face,

when Jack won't keep his hands out of the toilet and it's not even 8:00 in the MORNING YET...

I call in my relief pitcher.

And he shuts 'em down.  Maybe I should call him The Closer.

He lets them lay on him,

snuggle their faces in him,

 and play with his feet and tail (tickle, tickle, Gwizzwy!).

He lets them climb over him,

licks the breakfast off their pants and cleans the floor.

Every mama should have a Grizzly. 

P.S.  Not a single one of these pictures was taken this morning...all of them were taken last night (no chance of a photo op during all of that!).


Kayla said...

I love this post! Oh...and the new pictures at the top of your blog! Adorable!

Emily said...

love the photos of Grizz & the boys! miss you guys!