Friday, October 21, 2011


We have been spending more time with Griz lately. As it gets colder, he spends more time in the house. And now that the leaves are off of the trees and he can see through to the neighborhood he has been barking more.

One day we were listening to him bark and before I went about shushing him. We heard Jack say "wfff" "wofff". Brayden and I encouraged him with our own giggles and "woofs" and now whenever we hear Griz bark or first see him, Jack says "Woof!".

He walks now just as much as he crawls, all the way across the room, holding Brayden's hands and especially to try to get into the toilet (YUCK!).

He loves to snuggle and dives into your shoulder for a hug, Brayden's blankie on his bed or a pillow on the floor (it is very unfortunate if he misses! Ouch!).  He has a blanket that Auntie Kathy made for him (from my grandma's yarn, and her grandma's pattern).  He goes crazy for this blankie!  It is the same one that lined his carseat when he had to sleep in it at night...must have good memories for him, I guess.  He will crawl super fast to get to it, walk around with it on his head, he bites it, snuggles with it while he nurses and most of all...rubs his face in it!  So silly!

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