Saturday, January 31, 2009


Now that Brayden has discovered that pacifier, we have discovered his stubborness and temper. Our sweet, quiet little mouse turns into a Waldbillig when he's hungry (very, very impatient, just like Auntie Danielle especially) and he will fight a nap and any kind of sleep until he finds that pacifier! And when he accidentally spits it out in the middle of a dream, he is very heart broken until he gets it back.

His dark hair is now long enough that it covers his hairy little ears and curls up at the ends. Jeremiah has been wondering when baby's eye color begins to change as Braydens steel blue peepers have started to lighten up around the iris...and just might turn green! Jeremiah is still holding out for blue eyes and straight, light colored hair (his hair was dark when he was born and changed to blond and back to brown again later).

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