Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures of Brayden's California Trip

Here are the promised pictures of Brayden's first trip!

We kept thinking that Orson was a little bit bigger then Brayden, albeit two weeks younger. But, once they are next to each other, dazzeling their moms with their goofy smiles, they seem to be about the same size!

Brayden is reaching for his first California orange
(across the neighbors fence).

But it was worth it!

They were such good boys!

Here we are, out for ice cream, shamelessly exploiting any opportunity to take their pictures!

We even learned a new hold to get out stubborn gas bubbles
from Matt, Orson's dad.

Brayden is Mr. Curious and had a hard time falling asleep around all of the new people, new sounds (including some one else crying), and new scents. So out of desperation, we went to Target and got a co-sleeper, put one of Brayden's blankets inside and he finally, finally slept (next to me-the bassinet Matt and Kim were lending us was just too exciting!).

We missed Daddy and sure are glad to be home;
What an adventure!

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shazam said...

adorable pictures!