Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Pictures-7 Weeks

Our little one is growing and learing so fast. His beautiful smiles could shade the sun, and today he uttered his first double consant coo. Not that he coo's a ton...he would rather wiggle his excitment! He has started to interact with his play mat, and we found a couple of rattles that he grabs hold of. He has also mastered a pretty good scream. He seems to have bad dreams that he sometimes can't shake (yesterday he cried for a full three minutes without ever waking up). And that whole "just let him cry for 15 minutes" business-that just seems to make Brayden angry. Apparently it is supposed to tire him out and then he will have a good sleep. But Brayden, blessed with both temper and stuborness from his mom and dad, just gets PISSED! Luckily, it doesn't happen very often, but Peanut and Griz have both decided we are crazy. Yesterday Grizzly came and sat next to the couch while Brayden was crying it out and stared at me, and stared and stared. I went to the door to see if he had to pee, and he just stared me down. Peanut follows hot on my heels when Brayden is trying to cry it out...as if to say "are you going to take care of that?!". I think they are wondering when we are going to take him back! :)

Here are some cute pictures that we got this week.


shazam said...

cuteness. looks like somebody is a pretty good photographer.

LIFE in POTS said...

Wow he is really holding his head up tons better then when he was here even...it shocks me how much they change in just a week!

D. Kendall said...

Congrats on 6 hours of sleep last night :) Your pics are awesome!