Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pre-school Orientation

Well, the suspense has been building around here.  It started with a back pack.
And new shoes.  And conferences.

And today, we dropped Charlotte and Jack off with friends and I took Brayden to pre-school orientation.  With 13 other parent kid combos.  One mom and daughter walked in with us and she couldn't stop crying (the mama), so that made me feel better.  Because I could not-cry...mostly because I didn't want to embarrass Brayden.  Or want him to know that I was worried.  Uncomfortable.  Itchy.  Mama Bear defensive.  OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE sharing him with a classroom of people who would start the long line of teachers outside of Jeremiah and I.

He held my hand while we walked in the door.

We were late, of course.

But we snuck in behind Ms. Carla.  Teacher, Brayden called her.

He did great.  After about 30 seconds, he jumped in.  He played independently.  He used all of his manners.  When the teacher told the whole class about the jobs they would do when they first came in the door, he proudly shared that he has jobs at home-the trash with daddy and sliver ware and chocolate, and she was sweet with her reply.

She knows kids well.

I watched her with all of them, helping the noisy ones learn control, helping the fidgety ones be calm.  Letting the others sit on their mama's laps while they got comfortable in her space.

Now we just have to get our homework done by the Tuesday, when my big (little) guy (baby) goes off by himself.


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