Monday, August 12, 2013

Brayden's first horse show

About a week ago, I called Danielle.
I said "The horses are having a really hard time with the bugs this year.  If I can find a trailer, can I bring them down to your house for a bug vacation?"

She said yes.

Through God's grace, we didn't end up going on the day we planned to go.
We ended up going on the day of the horse show.

So Brayden rode Beulla in their very first show.

Everyone was there to watch.

I messed up a little bit...It was my first show, too!

I kinda sorta didn't know we had started already-sorry buddy!

He had to walk his horse in a clockwise circle around the judge,

Then in a counter clockwise circle around the judge.

Then we had to line up, face the judge and get ready to answer questions.

Don't forget to smile, bud.

Here she comes...

Okay, we are next.

Hello, young man.  What is your name?
What is your horses name?
Okay, please back your horse up.
(oh dear, we hadn't worked on that!  Good try buddy)
Okay, please make her go forward.
(pull, pull, PULL ON THE LEAD ROPE MAMA! oh well)
Okay, thank you!
(High five from the very nice judge)

Way to go Brayden, I am so proud of you!

Good job Beulla.
Thanks for taking care of my little buddy.

See that smile?

4th place.  Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Jack's turn!

So proud.

Oh dear.  I'm all chocked up again.
Ugh, we are so proud!

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