Friday, April 15, 2011

Funny things to say when you are two.

This week Brayden has said some really cute things. "Hi Doroty!" She's the goldfish in Elmo's World on Sesame. "I scawwy mamma! I scawwy!" He has seen our male duck attack his daddy several times. So he was scared when the duck walked past him. :) "I know!" I'm still not sure why he said that...but I'm sure he knew what he was talking about. :) oh, P.S.! Jack stuck his tongue out at his daddy the other day. When Jeremiah busted a gut, I came over to see what was happening. Jack wasn't just sticking the tip of his tongue out like he used to do when we stuck our tongue out. He was sticking the WHOLE thing out, just like his dad! When he did it again, he looked at Jeremiah and then looked at me and smiled, waiting for us to laugh, all the while his little tongue hanging out. Silly boys!! :)

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LIFE in POTS said...

Do you think he was trying to say he was scared? Too funny.