Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter, 2011

We went down to Auntie Danielle's and Uncle John's house for Easter this year.

We go there every year for Eater (at least both of them since we've moved here).

We were confused about the wardrobe requirements.

But on Easter morning, we dyed brown eggs.

They were so pretty before we dyed them.

We weren't sure if they could even be colored.

It was Brayden's first year coloring Easter Eggs.

It just occured to me, that at that moment, his daddy wasn't there.


We spilled a little bit of the dye.

Whoopsie doops.

And we may have cracked a few eggs...

We probably could have waited another year before we tried it.

I think next year, we will use natural stuff.

I heard that you can use Hyacinth Tea and turn eggs red.

You must be able to do that with other colors, too.

We'll have to see.

Uncle John thought it was fun to watch us.

We arrived at their house on Friday night, so on Saturday, Danielle took us to meet some new freinds. They were surpisingly, not shy.

Look out Daddy! She's going to pick your pocket!

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