Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One month birthday...already!

Happy One Month Birthday, Little Stinker!
Little Stinker who loves his front pack and falls asleep anytime we lay him on his tummy;
Little Stinker whose mamma can't figure out if he's sleepy (anytime I put him in his bassinet, his eyes pop open!);
Little Stinker who is so handsome, he is already melting hearts (mostly mine!).

Yesterday, the floors needed to be cleaned, so Brayden and I made bread for his daycare teachers (we usually only work on such a flour-y project together when the floor needs to be cleaned). And then, for the same reason, we let Grizzly upstairs. When he laid down to "give himself a bath" Brayden said "Oh YUCK!". Then he went in to his room, got all of his little buddies and laid them out for Griz. About that time Jack needed a diaper/wadrobe change, so we left these two alone. When I came back after a few suspiciously quiet minutes, Brayden had dug a washcloth out and was "washing" Grizzly's backside, so that he wouldn't have to lick himself anymore.

Brayden also thinks that the neighbor is Santa. He wears a red and white jacket and his snowmobile helmet when he snowblows out our driveway. Brayden stands in the window, waves, and says "Santa! Santa!"

See? Total heart melter!

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Deandra said...

How super duper cute! Jack is such a punkin!