Thursday, February 18, 2010

Confident Kisser

Today, without any tricks from Mamma, Brayden walked on over to see what I was doing. What I was doing was helping him examine all of the screws underneath our table...apparently they were fascinating enough under the middle where I was sitting, that our little man had to see them too. So he walked on over. He didn't really get to see them though because I grabbed him to love him up and clap and laugh and smooch him. He saw my smooch coming though and puckered up, leaned in and kissed me right back. He even made a good smacking noise!

What a day! Walking and closed mouth, drooless kisses. I LOVE this stage!

Next up: Nose blowing!


Oh, and at this size, Brayden's clothes fit Peanut perfectly. Us humnans think it is pretty funny. Peanut doesn't really move much. But that's the kinda cat she is.

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KrazyPatch said...

so now you get to learn the ++++ of your little man growing up! Yeah!