Monday, February 22, 2010


I have a new hero. Her name is Ree and she is the Pioneer Woman. Her blog is dedicated to photography (!), confessions about her life, and cooking and baking (my new hobby). Oh, yeah, and she lives on a ranch that has wild mustangs. I pretty much think she is the coolest thing, and that (like everyone else) we should be best freinds.

Her cooking blog inspires me to bake all kinds of crazy things, like...oh boy, I can't believe I am going to admit this...donuts. In my defense, Jeremiah had a morning at home and loves donuts. And well, I love him, and sometimes like to do nice things for him, okay?

Guess who else loves donuts? By the way, Jeremiah isn't cut out of the other picture because I don't like him. He is cut out because he asked me not to show his wild hair do in the picture. Here is the picture with him in it. The innocent have been disguised for their own protection.

Please don't hold the donut thing against me...I am sure there will be other things the Pioneer Woman inspires me to do. Another good example is to find good light for taking pictures. Don't just complain because you don't have it, but proactively search it out and make it happen. Here are not re-touched pictures of my favorite subject.

We also went outside because the SUN WAS SHINING! We made a snowman and went sledding through the pasture.
It turns out, we have a lot of wild life back in there...we knew about the pheasants, the rabbits, cardinals and the wild squirrel that drives Grizzly nuts.

(This is my end of the sled, which was origionally intended for Grizzly, but that's another story:)

and while we were tromping back there we found out about a fox and this:

I wonder if the Pioneer Woman has ever taken a picture of that?


Deandra said...

So sorry but I am super duper jealous you had time to make donuts and please tell me that is not a bear print in your back yard!
Oh-sucks about the dishwasher! Glad little sweetie has a new box to play with!

Emily said...

is that animal tracks and wing marks from a hawk? can't quite tell....

LIFE in POTS said...

My favorite...well before celiac, the super cheap role of Pillsbury small biscuits, pan fried in canola oil and then covered in cinnamon and sugar. Cheap, simple, Yummy!