Monday, February 22, 2010

I miss things about Montana. Over this past weekend they were:

Big R (it was literally across the street, and when we needed ANYTHING they had it for a reasonable price).

Walt (he can, and frequently did, fix anything).

My couch (right after work I would come home, flop down, and take a good 45 minute nap if I felt like it. Who wouldn't like that?).

Saturday night, I was talking on the phone to Kayla (another "thing" I miss in Montana)and congratulating her on her incredible daughter. Her incredible daughter who pooped on the potty for the first time on her first birthday on Saturday!

We should have known...The evening started at poopy and only when down from there. After I deleted my new blog (I tell you about that later) I gave up on my techinical endeavor and went upstairs to paint the living room. While I was doing that, Jeremiah walked by and I said "Gee honey, the dishwasher sounds funny." He was bent on a task and continued on by with a simple "It's probably fine". I became bent on my own task and promptly forgot about it until he came running up the stairs.


When he walked into the laundry room, enough water, soap and food particles were leaking through the ceiling tiles and covering the kitty fountian, dog kennel, washer, dryer and various sundries to send him flying. He was stuck at the gate so I dropped my paint brush and sloshed into the kitchen, water flying from my now soaked socks, to turn off the dishwasher and SAVE THE TABLE!

The dishwasher wouldn't turn off so I started my own hysterics..."GRAB A TOWEL GRAB A TOWEL!!" Jeremiah, finally freed from the safety gate, ran to the bathroom and came back with one white towel, and at this point, as though any towel would be spared, I sent him back to get a towel more appropraite in color (?), and many, many more towels. Thank goodness for the SHAM WOW! It saved the table from a never ending dishwater explosion!

Eventually, Jeremiah got the dishwasher stopped (he had to flip the circuit breaker and turn off the water before we could get that effer to stop) and we got the water cleaned up (the turkey baster will never be the same). There was hardly any damage and we were both glad we were home when it happened. And that my dad answered his phone and came down the next day to see what the problem was. And to tell us we would have to buy a new dishwasher.
Brayden thought that part was the best (he slept through the rest, thank goodness).

He got to help Daddy fix it.

He's a good little helper.

He even got the best present a kid could ask for... a giant box.

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Emily said...

love the photo of the boys with the box - Brayden looks so excited!