Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When you turn 90...

When you turn 90 in 2010, it means you were born in the Roaring 20's.

Albert, the Waldbillig family patraich is one such fella. And the Waldbillig clan is never short of a reason to party, let alone hid out from the coppa's and swill some moonshine (or party like its 1999). So Jeremiah, Brayden and I donned our zuit suit mafia gear and headed out to celebrate. Here are some photos.

Brayden is thinking "Emmy. What a Dame!"

It was a great bash and I think Grandpa had a pretty good time. If you can still blow out all of your candles on your 90th birthday cake, you must be doing pretty good.

Some photos are are courtesy of Uncle Dave (and he took a lot...there would be more here, but on a good day, it takes 15 minutes to upload pictures and on a bad day more than an hour. So there are a ton more pictures of the family, but I have already cleaned the bathroom, mopped two floors and beat a couple of worlds on Super Mario Brothers while posting this...you get the idea...I am going to bed).

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