Monday, February 1, 2010

First Steps!

Brayden took his first steps today!

He has been walking all over the place in the last few weeks, as long as he can hold on to our hand (he actually usually just holds one finger), and off we go. We put his little leather slippers on so he can keep his feet going in the right direction, and he seems to enjoy it.

This morning, I stood him up put part of his alpha mat in his hands, and he took off! Well, he took a few steps anyway, but it was awesome. He repeated it once and is saving the rest for when Daddy picks him up at daycare, later on tonight.

The last two weeks have been full of diarreah diapers, puke and strep throat (for everyone but Momma). The pediatrician said Brayden needed a new toothbrush (but I boiled it for 5 minutes and soaked it in hydrogen peroxide instead...he loves that thing!)

He has also really loved rocking on his horse,

sitting in his chair, playing with his shopping cart and the farm animals on the fridge. His Rangers jammies keep him "cool" at night.

My good freind Kim, Orson (two weeks younger than Brayden) and her husband Matt were hit head on in drunk driving wreck on their way to Arizona, the night before Orson's first birthday. Orson's car seat did beautifully, Kim is bruised (and proved her hard headedness by shattering her window with her head), and Matt just finished surgery for a broken pelvis and knee. They were also a long way from home when it happened. You can read more about it here, but please keep them in your prayers, as Matt has a long recovery ahead, and it will be a challenging time for them as a family.

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