Thursday, January 19, 2012


Brayden turned three this January.  He grew FOUR AND A HALF inches this last year.

He asks questions way beyond his years, loves with all of his heart, asks permission before he does anything unless he isn't supposed to do it and is heart achingly sweet.

He is still a bit shy, and cried when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

I hear ya baby, it's an awful thing!

But we fixed it quickly with some cake!

He says things like "Yay Mama!" or "Yay Jack" and "Yay Daddy!".  When I get all dressed up he tells me that I look like Astrid, the lead girl character in How to Train Your Dragon and the current love of his life.   He adores pretty girls.

Without provocation he will thank me for making dinner and tell me it is "tasty".  Brayden can make his brother giggle, laugh and scream with delight.  His own giggle is so contagious and he can hit a baseball when it is pitched to him!  And he loves to spend the night with his Grammie and Bappa and any time he can get with his cousins.

Here are some of my favorite pics of our little buddy from the last year.

And my favorite, my all time favorite picture on Brayden ever.

Happy Birthday little one.  We love you even though we let people sing Happy Birthday to you.
Thanks God, for letting us be his parents.

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TK said...

He sounds like the perfect child!! He's so cute. Love that winter picture, with the furry hood!!! Beautiful!