Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas with our little sweethearts

We spent Christmas 2012 at our special little MN ranch.
Christmas eve was with Waldbillig Nation, and Christmas afternoon was with Grammie and Buppa and the Waldbillig aunties and uncles and cousins.  

 There were some special gifts on Christmas morning.
But we saved them until after we read the Christmas Story.

Santa brought some cool gifts.

 A Dinosaur Train movie,
a sleeping bag,
a rocking chair.

It was easy to get carried away and not want to share.

Binoculars for tracking on our backyard camping trips this summer.

Lego trucks for building.

Who knew sleeping bags were so much fun?

Merry Christmas kitty!

We read this book quite a bit over the last month.
It came in a Santa Bear back pack when I went on  a special field trip with my sister.
I don't remember the details, but there were cookies and milk and LaBarr from Reading Rainbow.
It was at Daytons downtown, back when that was a glamorous place.
I'm not sure if the story makes me misty with every read, or my memories.

 Seriously, who knew?
 Brayden and Jack painted coffee mugs for Christmas.
I have never loved a gift more.

 More Christmas afternoon fun...
It's always fun to be together.
 Even better when we get to laugh at the three
Crash head dummies.
None of them are Evil Kneviel by the way.
They just tried to prove it through a series of unrelated crashes over the past year.

 I wonder if Jack knows there are other ways to play with his toys???
Oh, monkey baby.

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