Friday, January 27, 2012

Sense of Humor

Yesterday we had a really, really fun play date with the Tix family.

Then we had naps and went to the grocery store.  After we played and read a few books, and I chatted on the phone for a minute, it was time to make dinner.

We didn't have enough frozen zucchini in the freezer, so I went outside to grab some more (from the freezer, not the garden).  When I shut the freezer and turned around to run back in the house...the door was locked.

With both of my babies in the house.

With me in the garage.

With the keys and my cell phone and phone numbers in the house.

The chairs were not tied together under the table, leaving several openings for Jack to climb, stand on and jump off of the table, along with every other horrific scene I could imagine.

But the stove wasn't on at least.

Brayden and I tried to get that door unlocked for a good 10 minutes.  Then I saw the neighbors taillights pull into the garage and went screaming down our driveway for help.  He couldn't understand me at first because I was screaming at decibels to loud for other humans to hear and interpret, but then Amanda came out and some how I had a phone in my hand and Jeremiah's phone number (which is new and I do not have memorized).

Jeremiah checked his phone a short while later and noticed he had 9 missed calls so he called back and found out what was going on.  I went sprinting down our icy driveway to wait for him to come home and unlock the door.  I dug a hat and mittens out of the Xterra and the ladder out from the garage.

Then I set it up in front of the window and the boys sat with me while we waited for daddy to get home and unlock the door.

In case you are wondering, I saw Jack lock the door again this morning.  Thank fully I was actually on the inside this time.  It's cold here after all.

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