Saturday, February 11, 2012

Janruary and February

Recently,  I was trying valiantly to trim Jack's fingernails. I trimmed Brayden's first so he could see, again, that it ins't a big deal.  I put him on my lap, and then came the hard part.  He was CONFINED!!!  I held him down and stuck out his thumb while his legs were flailing and placed the clippers on his extra long thumb nail.  I took one clip and he squirmed all the way around to look at me and said "owie!".

Little stinker.   He hasn't ever said that before!

Last week, when we were out running errands and Brayden was giving me "the business" (at one point, he wouldn't sit down and stood up so fast he hit me smack in the nose with his hard little head) and Jack yelled "Bway DO!"  I am pretty sure he meant Brayden!  The three of us looked at each other and giggled because we knew what he meant and he had never said that before.  He has been exploding with words, most of them tentative, unlike his shrieking and pointing. 

He also says:
-wuuuuv you (love you)
-nigh nigh (night night)
-uh oh!
-NO!  (you should get that one)

He is learning how to throw the ball (usually it winds up on top of his head), but the effort makes him laugh and grunt and squeeze all of the muscles in his body at the same time.  While we were playing catch this morning, he picked up a piece of Grizzly fuzz of the floor and instead of giving it to me like he normally does, he walked over to Griz and put it on him.  Yup, that totally made sense!

Brayden is so cute when he wakes up happy!
A nap time anomaly.

Winter time makes us miss our ponies.  Yes, that is mommy's real saddle.

Sometimes I wonder if Jack is blind as a bat.  This is how he watches Sesame Street.
The eye doctor did say his sight was a little poor.  Shoot.

Waiting for Daddy to get home from work...

Here are some after dinner activities:

He is naked whenever possible.  
They love to strip off their close and run around and scream "NAKIE BOYS!"
I'm not sure why they have to scream it, but it clearly adds to the enjoyment of being naked.

Playing the Dr. Suess game...

Love that dog.

Snow angel!

I know this looks like I was being mean and not wiping off his face, but he does that on purpose.  He puts his little face in the snow to taste it.  And he doesn't care that its all over his cold lil cheeks.

Heehehe.  Lil punk' is tired.  
Walking in snow pants and boots is hard work.

One night at dinner Brayden started asking Jeremiah about the letters on his shirt.
He just started picking out letters and using the right names for them.
Since we were dumbfounded at his intelligence, I had to document it with the camera.
Three.  He's three.

They love riding these trucks.  Brayden taught Jack how to ride them pretty early Jack's as good as Brayden is.

I had a project going on in the closet.  We built a bench/storage box into the closet for all season storage and put hooks on the wall for coats/purses.  It ended up looking a bit like a jail, which these two boys (who have a case of the "brothers" lately) got a big kick out of.

Love our lil cam.  It fits perfectly in my pocket (if you can't tell from all the other outside pics).
We had a Hoar Frost today.  It lasted well into the afternoon, which is pretty unusual.  Then the frozen crystals fell like snow.  It was beautiful while Brayden and I were out tromping around the pasture (Jack was taking another of his 2-3 naps per day).

And of course...the release of Going Against the Grain, our cook book and nutrition guide.

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