Monday, July 18, 2011

This hot, hot summer: Part I

There is so much to report lately...and we have been stuck inside with tempatures soaring above 110 degrees. But finding new ways to entertain little ones when they don't understand why we cant go outside (and wanting to pull my own hair out from not being able to go outside) is enough to exhaust a person on a daily basis...for over a week! So here are the pictures from the last few weeks, in no particular order, just to get them posted!

I know, this isn't the best idea to let them do this...but it made them laugh and entertained them both.

We had just come inside from an afterdinner swim (the only time it cooled off enought to go swimming) and were getting ready for bed. Jack Jack felt like laughing after his crawl across the pool to stand next to the slide.

An after dinner swim.

We were so happy to be outside!

The misquitos were even blessedly cooperative and stayed away.

At the beach on the 5th of July.

Jack LOVES the water!

Uncle Nick, Mav and Timmy are taking off for a wild tube ride.

Then I got to take lil' Linc out for a wild ride!

Mav learned to swim on his own...mostly underwater.



And Brayden loved jumping off of the dock.

Later this evolved into one..two...three...nine.

Earlier it had been jump!

But he loved it!

Especially his Cacheega.

(His Cacheega is his CARS themed life jacket. You know, Lighting says "Cachow!" and the other car, Chick, says "Cacheega Cacheega!" and now everything from the movie is called a Cacheega. I love speaking their language!)

Taking Brayden out for his first tube ride. Not scared a bit.

He wanted to go again, as soon as we were done.

And now he loves to fish...he has actually caught several of the little guys (and not just sticks anymore!). He askes if he can go fishing all of the time.

These two are best pals. Brayden throws the ball and Macy jumps for it, bringing it right back to Brayden's feet for him to throw again. They can do that for hours.

More fishin.

And more to come!

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