Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Hot Hot Summer: Part II

More randomly organized pictures from the past few weeks:

We were all supposed to load up and go watch the Twins destroy the Royals, but the heat index was supposed to be between 110 and 115. So Jeremiah stayed home with the air conditioning loving babies and I braved it with the rest of the Waldbillig clan. 115 may be nothin' for a Texan or a Californian, but that is hot around here! But I got to spend some Q.T. with Auntie Dan-o.

More water loving Jack.

It was his favorite place to be on Independance Day.
The water is a little high at Grammie and Buppa's. Now it us up waaaay above flood stage and much higher than in this photo.

Jack loves Peanut...well, her tail at least. And he is so fast, and can climb most everything. It is pretty hard for her to get away from him if I don't scoop her up and drop her off somewhere safe.

More after dinner pool time!

Brayden puts away the silverware all by himself now!

Awww, cute baby!

Who needs swimtrunks when your in your own backyard (and the neighbors can't see through the trees)?

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