Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Jack's day and Braydens sweet thoughts

Today, Jack pulled himself up on the bathtub to a standing position. Then, he put his hands on my knees and cruised over. Later, he got himself from where he was standing, holding onto the toybox to grab the little ladderbacked naughty chair (we use it for time outs). He proceeded to push it around the living room and take little steps behind it. Yup, he is 7 months old.

My little Brayden-Butt said things the last few weeks that sounded like this:

"Mom! Wooowww!"
"Wow! Mamma, tanks!"
"Sorry mamma!"
"Big truck!"
"I miss Mav"
"I miss T-T"

Fourth of July photos still to come, once I get the camera back from Auntie Deandra.

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LIFE in POTS said...

Orson says "tanks" for thank you now too! It is so cute