Monday, May 17, 2010


We had a really busy week. It started out with Daddy's birthday, and ended up with our entire family finally being together in one place. Let me just walk you through it with some pictures.

Did you know you can make cupcakes in a toaster oven? You can. But you don't have to, if you have fairy godmothers like we do, who are sending us a NEW OVEN for our birthdays!!!!!!!

Then, Saturday, was pasture day and we got another surprise. Danielle and Nick and Deandra all came together around this one. At first, Danielle tried to make me think my girl had shrunk!

But there is a mini horse in there!

This is Buella, the miniture horse. We call her Belly for short.

She's about knee high to a grasshopper.

Brayden LOVES her (and Bailey-he keeps making his horsey noise).

Grizzly can't figure out why she keeps kicking him; she might stop if he quit trying to wrestle her.

Theres my mustang!

Welcome Home! We have been waiting for you!

These pictures don't really do it justice, but there was a lot of hard work going on around here!
It was lots of hard work, but there was still some fun to be had.

We want Gage to move in with us!

When will he be old enough to babysit/cousin sit? :)

Finally, we ended our week with our entire family is together. It took almost one year exactly!
Brayden, Jeremiah, Peanut (a.k.a. Walnut), Grizzly, Bailey and our newest member, Belly. I was so happy, I would send this out as a Christmas card, if we weren't going to have another family member around December 1st (think two legged).

Well, we'll just let Brayden tell you.

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love the famliy photo!