Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Helper

Brayden is such a big helper!

The other day, I was sitting down and he brought me a shoe to put on (a Keen sandal). He tapped on my leg until I lifted my foot up and then slid the shoe right underneath my foot and grunted and worked and grunted until I got my foot in. Then he went back to the closet and brought me a shoe for my other foot. Once again he tapped my leg until I raised my foot and he helped me put the shoe on. This time it was a three inch heel. At least it was the left shoe!

He also helps unload the dishwasher. We open the tupperware drawer and and then hand him all of the plastic stuff, which he takes over and dumps into the drawer (sometimes he gets out something clean and wants to put that in the dishwasher). After all of the knives and forks are out, then Brayden hands us the spoons, and we put them in the drawer.

He also LOVES to sweep. He doesn't usually get any of the dirt up, but it is pretty cute to watch him dance with the broom. I hope he is always this happy to do his chores!!

He has also really been loving up on Peanut. And to her credit, she has been taking it. That includes the occasional whack that sends Brayden to the time out chair, where he sits and grins at me and tries to beguile his way out of it. But most of the time, he just loves relaxing on the dog bed with her.

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