Monday, March 15, 2010


Last weekend, Jeremiah’s grandma Glenna turned 85. And in this family, we love to celebrate birthdays. So when Tricia and Chrissy asked if they could fly us down so Glenna could spend some time with her great grandson on her birthday, we didn’t hesitate.

This was Brayden’s second plane ride. There were a few tense moments when we thought he might take a nap, but once we realized that wasn’t going to happen things were fine. He did think that everyone was on the plane just to see him, so he did his best to entertain them. We did our best to entertain him with books, tennis balls, chocolate chips, oranges, pipe cleaners, magazines and half apple juice.

Auntie B. picked us up at the airport. Brayden really thought she was fun (he does the best when he can meet people one on one in a quitter setting).

Later we met grandma Glenna, Aunt Tricia and Aunt Chrissy, Pappa and Gamma at the Blue Fin for dinner to celebrate.

She was very surprised!

We can't say Brayden was very cooperative (turns out he is pretty shy these days).

Wouldn't you know, we even found some pups to play with (I think this is Disney).

The next day we checked out the botanical gardens, ate Pizza and celebrated Johnny's huge accomplishment. The botanical gardens were fun to walk through, and enjoy the plants, a few flowers, and the gorgeous weather. Crew and Brayden really enjoyed the butterfly enclosure (me too!).
About a week before we left for TX, Brayden decided he was really more of a walker then a crawler. :)

It has some pretty cool stuff! There was even an elephant with water spraying out of his trunk.
There was a birthday brunch to celebrate all of the birthdays in the family (Grandma Glenna, Gamma Karen and Aunt Trisha).

Brayden met Grandma Betty too. She made the trip down from Kansas, casino hopping the whole way down.

We sadly headed home on Monday. Grizzly and Peanut were very happy to see us; Kayla took wonderful care of them. I don’t think we would have been so droopy had we known the weather would climb into the 60’s the week we got home!

Thank you for the great visit!!

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