Monday, March 1, 2010

Brayden and The Look

Brayden has never had has hands smacked away.

He has never had his nose pushed out of the way.

In fact, he hardly ever even gets told "no".

But Grizzly does.

Grizzly also gets "The Look" if he is being naughty.

Brayden has been a recipient of "The Look". Usually it is when he is crawling towards the cook books (shaking his head) that are only 12 inches off of the floor. They are his favorite temptation.

Yesterday, Mamma got "The Look", and it wasn't from Grizzly.

Brayden has been immitating us a lot lately, putting covers on jars, drinking like we do, talking on the phone like we do, putting his legs out for socks like we do. You name it, he enjoys mimmicking it.

So it shouldn't have surprised me to see the furrowed brow and the narrowed eyes that glared over at me yesterday. But suprise me it did! I couldn't figure out why he kept looking at me like that.

Then Jeremiah came home and also got "The Look". I laughed out loud when I realized that it was because Brayden was mimicking me. He was giving my Look! He repeated it several times, and I don't think I should laugh so hard...I still want him (and Grizz) to respond when my eyes narrow!


Kayla said...

SUPER CUTE! Love the pictures and the story!

Deandra said...

i wish i could master the "look" maybe Brayden could give me a lesson next time we see eachother!