Monday, March 22, 2010

Maverick Steven

I usually post on Mondays. Between Monday and Friday, I don't usually think we will have anything to write about.

(Except when things like this are caught on film, then I know they have to be posted...isn't he so cute?!)

Then Maverick Steven came to visit us. And it was nonstop the whole time. :) Cousin Nicky dropped him off on her way through town and by the time his seat was strapped into our truck Mav and Brayden were giggeling like little fools. At one point, Mav was sucking his thumb as he cuddled Lambie. Brayden decided he better suck his thumb, too. He hasn't done that in about 12 months. Have I mentioned that Brayden loves Mav?

After naps, we headed to the most gorgeous trumpet recital, where both boys displayed angelic behavior beyond the age of 3 and 1. Brayden really enjoyed dancing through the music; Mav enjoyed the golden spotlight and treats. Even hour long car ride home didn't phase these two together (that is really saying something as Brayden has decided he hates that car seat thing). Mav ate all of his dinner (he reminded us several times), and must have told me how good it was 13 times. He must have really wanted that chocolate cake I kept promising him. :) Then the boys had to blow off a little steam (they sat still a LOT that day).

Mav even showed Brayden how to wear sunglasses.

Things got a little hairy around bedtime when Mav called home to say goodnight. He just wanted to hug everyone.

But by morning, it was full speed ahead! Er, around the living room...

It sure was fun to have the two boys together, but good gravy, I don't know how my sister does it!

After we dropped Mav off, we played outside all day, with the only exception of naps, dinner and snack. Brayden loved exploring every inch of his new to him wagon, and his little legs must have been exhausted from all of the pushing it up and down the driveway. But when he went to bed he smelled like sunshine and fresh air. I don't care what anyone says...summer is coming!

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